Top camping tips for a successful trip

by | Mar 25, 2024

The last thing campers need is for their early experiences to be memorable for discovering a mouldy tent that was packed away from the last trip while still damp or waking up to find themselves in a pool of water because of an ill-advised pitching spot so here are some light-hearted but practical tips to help make the most of your camping adventure regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

  • Try not to let early inexperienced camping trips put you off.
  • Take advantage of others’ experience and follow these tips to help make the most of the adventure.

Top camping tips (or at least a few good ideas):

  • Always make sure that your tent is dry before you pack it away at the end of a trip so there are no signs of mould when you unpack it for the next one (and take a roll of duct tape for any minor repairs).
  • Don’t underestimate how hungry all that fresh air and exercise will make you so take more food than you think you’ll need, and if you’re feeling very clever, camp on a site with a friendly pub nearby.
  • If you’re planning to cook on site, remember your dried herbs and spices: they take up very little space, can really elevate a simple meal, and even add a bit of extra warmth from the inside if the temperature starts to drop.
  • Try to use a sleeping bag that’s appropriate for the season but keep an eye on the weather forecast as you don’t want to be shivering in your summer lightweight version if an unseasonable (but predicted) temperature drop occurs. Otherwise, be prepared to sleep in a few layers of clothing!
  • If there is a predicted temperature drop at night, keeping heads warm with beanie hats can really help. (And remember sun hats for the daytime).
  • Remember torches for a late-night trip to the washrooms – especially if you are camping with children.
  • Although any towel will do, camping towels fold up to be very compact and dry incredibly quickly.
  • If you are camping with babies or toddlers, take those wipes!
  • If you’re a light sleeper, and the birds are going for a full-tilt chorus, you might want to take ear plugs unless you are literally happy to be up with the lark…
  • Take sunscreen regardless of the weather.

Finally, whether you’re glamping on your doorstep or striking out on a pioneering adventure, there’s nothing quite like it so have a great trip.