Wandering Wilma – Pitch & Canvas’s Campsites Favorite Hen.

by | Oct 4, 2021

wandering Wilma the campsite resident hen

Meet Wandering Wilma! Today she was feeling particularly photogenic and posed for her portrait picture. Those of you that have stayed with us here on the campsite at Pitch & Canvas will no doubt recognise her. She often wanders around site making friends with guests. Whilst she is suppose to be over on the farm, she soon learnt by squeezing through the small hole in the hedge, and escaping onto the campsite, meant they was a new abundance of delicious fare waiting to be devoured. With her elegance and grace she has a stealth like presence and if any camper should be unlucky as to drop a tasty morsel of jacket potato cooked on the fire-pit, you can rest assured Wilma will be there in a bat of an eye lid – she takes no prisoners.
This year we have watched with delight as the children (and adults) have been captivated by her antics and she has created hours of fun for all on
Sharesite. In spring her, this is my field attitude, led her into a few uncomfortable moments and she soon realised she was no longer queen of the roost and learnt to sneak back when she thought I wasn’t looking! Over the last few weeks she has frequented less often the camping and glamping guests as she has adopted her mother hen status. We are over the moon that two of our silkie chickens have had a brood of the most adorable chicks we’ve ever seen. We now have some ‘teenagers’ who are a couple of months old, and more recently another batch has hatched 🐣. As they start to become more independent and we can get some photos we will post for you to see them in all their glory. Wandering Wilma looks like she will have some completion next year in being the most popular hen of Pitch & Canvas.