Winter Camping

by | Jan 26, 2022

Crispy grass from frozen dew, air thats so fresh it tingles in your lungs, and sunshine to fill you with joy! This is how I would describe standing at the back of Oak Pod this morning looking out to the Sandstone Ridge. Camping isn’t just about warm sunny days, lying on the grass, listening to the children laughing and playing! It’s also about experiencing the seasons, seeing your breath when you walk outside, warming round the campfire, and drinking hot chocolate, knowing a warm cosy bed awaits inside.
Cheshire has so much to offer at this time of year and we are so lucky to be nestled away in the heart of it. Our views of the Sandstone Ridge are constantly evolving and changing, the colours brightening and fading with the seasons, the trees and hedgerows following their lead, and the return of pheasants and partridge wondering aimlessly without a care in the world!
If you are finding the winter blues starting to take hold, think about a short break experiencing a different type of get away. Its a short window till the spring will arrive and the views of winter leave us for another year.