Are you caravan ready?

by | Jan 24, 2024

As camping season approaches, it’s time to get your caravan ready for spring and summer. To maximise the time spent enjoying our wonderful outdoors, preparing your caravan in good time is a great way to make the most of your trip without risking any avoidable hold ups or inconvenience. We recommend a few steps that you can take before setting off that will hopefully help to keep caravan troubles at bay.

  • It’s worth getting your caravan ready for spring and summer trips beforehand.
  • Proper preparation should help minimise any potential problems.
  • Check out our top tips for getting your caravan in order in good time.

Before we know it the weather will be warm and sunny, and a lovely summer of camping beckons – at least that’s what we’re hoping! To make the most of it, a bit of pre-emptive caravan preparation is a good idea.

Firstly, give it a detailed visual once over to check for any obvious signs of damage on the outside. Rust, dents, cracks, anything out of position or in the wrong place needs dealing with as these are obviously all things that won’t get better by themselves and might result in an unwelcome problem en route.

Remember to check the suspension, axles and floor from underneath (it’s probably worth using a powerful torch) and if you gave it a good clean before putting it off the road for winter, it might not be as bad as it sounds.

If anything is loose or rattling, get it tightened. Check the tyre pressures (remember the spare), the hitching mechanism, the stabilisers and brakes and make sure that they’re rust-free and functioning properly. As with most things, regular maintenance checks will minimise unexpected problems and give you the opportunity to have any issues fixed in good time.

Check your fresh and waste water systems and make sure everything is functioning as it should be, and all topped up to the appropriate level.

When you’re happy with the exterior, it’s time to move inside. Again, check that fixtures and fittings are all damage free and working smoothly. Make sure that the electricity supply for appliances such as fridge, cooker, tv etc. is working, bulbs and lights are functioning, and the electric hook up unit, cables, and adaptors are as they should be.

Likewise, if your cooking, refrigeration, and heating runs on gas – usually propane or butane – check that the system is functioning and bottles are undamaged, leak free, and rubber hoses and regulator are still in good condition. Store your gas bottles (consider getting a spare) upright, turned off and disconnected, and well secured for transit.

It might all seem like a bit of an effort now, but when that glorious weekend finally comes you’ll be able to get going to your favourite campsite all the quicker.  Besides which, you’ll know that you’ve done your best to ensure a safe trip and to keep your caravan in great condition for many more trips to come.